Tis the Season to be Baking

This week is my annual cookie swap, so my kitchen is filled with all the scrumptious scents of holiday treats.  One of my favorite things to create for parties and get-togethers is a bite-size dessert platter.  There is always my favorite fudge and peanut butter cups on my holiday platter, but this year I added something new and rich to the plate: Peppermint Truffles.


While they seem time consuming, they are really supper easy to make.


First gather all the ingredients you are going to need together.  There is nothing more frustrating than to be in the middle of making something to realize that I am missing something.  Usually it is that one item hidden in the back of the top shelf of my cabinets and I have wasted mass amounts of time looking for it!


For Peppermint truffles you will need:
8 ounces of cream cheese
1 stick of softened butter
2 packages of Andes peppermint crunch pieces
1 cup of confectioners’ sugar
1/2 tsp. vanilla

large granule sugar sprinkles

1) In a food processor, process the peppermint crunch pieces until the a finely ground.


2) In a separate bowl, mix together the cream cheese and butter until smooth and creamy.  Mix in the vanilla and add the crushed peppermint chips a little at a time to the cream cheese mixture and mix well.  Gradually add the confectioners’ sugar until all of the ingredients are combined.

3) Cover with heavy duty wrap and put in the freezer for an hour.  Roll the cream cheese mixture into bite-sized balls and place on trays lined with parchment paper.  Freeze several hours or overnight.


4) Roll in the sugar sprinkles and serve them up on a pretty platter.

These bite-size morsels are very rich so expect left-overs!

my trio of bite sized desserts

One thought on “Tis the Season to be Baking

  1. These sound great something with out chocolate, cause I can't have it cause I get panic attacks and they tell me not to eat it…finally something with out it…yes!…thank you…


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