Setting Our Christmas Table

It’s so much fun to look through old etiquette books or cookbooks and seeing all of the beautiful ways to set a table.  Everything has it’s place which creates a practical setting when you sit down to dine.  While tradition and formality are fun, I have noticed a popular trend in bending the rules.  The basic settings are the same, but now it’s “in” to mix up your glassware, silverware, and even china when setting a table.  I have seen some beautiful settings throughout the world of blogging.  Eddie Ross has some great ones posted on his blog.
image: Eddie Ross
While I am no Eddie Ross, using the image of a properly placed table setting, I set out to break a few of my own rules this year by mixing it up for our annual Christmas Eve dinner with friends.


 I went with the more informal look, but added a few formal touches such as a “place card” & a bread plate.  I love the look of the whimsical reindeer with my formal china.   The best part of all is it was so simple to do!


Reindeer plates & cups from Pottery barn
I decorated the dining room to match the colors I normally have in there: black, white, silver, & blue.  To make sure my napkins matched, I dyed some that I found at HomeGoods earlier in the season.


Ornament place cards
Hershey’s kisses on the table for sparkle in the candlelight and a great after-dinner treat!


Vintage miniature salt & pepper shakers that belonged to my grandmother


Simple centerpiece using fresh greenery and flowers snowballs.
The dining room tree with extended family gifts surrounding it.  Paper is from Hobby Lobby.
our table
The only thing this table is waiting on is our Christmas Eve dinner guests!
Merry Christmas to you!


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