Everything Old is New Again

Have you seen “Mad Men?”  Set in the 1960’s, this show on AMC is setting the stage for entertaining with it’s lavish cocktail parties and bringing back classic decorating trends that had long faded away.  It’s all so glamorous and fun!
I have gotten caught up in the madness of the 1960’s as well, and with 2011 here at last,  I have been making a few resolutions for the new year.  The biggest (and probably the most difficult) of all is to slow down and get back to personal relationships.  I want more than a passing hello and a conversation in the stands at whatever sporting event we are attending with the kids.  I want to open our home to our friends and family, to spend time with them laughing, talking, and build better relationships.
With all of this on my mind, as we were putting up our Christmas decorations last week, I found an old serving cart that had belonged to Audley’s grandmother back in the 1960’s.
It was in pretty rough shape and needed some serious TLC, but I saw endless possibilities and took on the challenge, the very last one of 2010.
you can see all of the rust that had taken over the cart.
I cleaned the cart up by wiping it down with steel wool.  It made a huge difference in cleaning and smoothing the cart, but unfortunately it had some permanent discoloration, so I decided to paint it.
after the steel wool
With new glass tops had been ordered, the cart cleaned and painted, I now have a cute vintage piece to use for entertaining.
And don’t my 1960’s “Jeanette” glassware fit perfectly?
The entire project only cost just over $25.  I spent $10.42 on paint and steel wool, and $15 on the two pieces of glass for the trays.  I love a good deal!
image: Newly, New Veg
Carts like these are so versatile as they can be used for serving both food and drinks, but they can also be  moved room to room for easy access.
Speaking of drinks, here are a few ideas for cocktails, compliments of the “Illustrated Guide to Mad Men” to make your next gathering a little more creative.


click on the images to enlarge


What are your goals for the new year?
Wishing you a fabulous 2011!

4 thoughts on “Everything Old is New Again

  1. Jen,
    I came by to wish you and your family a new year filled with many blessings. Your family has been in my thoughts and and please let Audley know I am thinking about him. It is a difficult thing to watch parents health fail.
    Your new found cart is beautiful. You did a great job of restoring it!


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