Kenzie-Grace has been working diligently on her 4-H project for next month.  This is one of her favorites of the entire year; project green-thumb.  Watching her carefully plant foxglove, hollyhocks, and delphiniums has really sparked a fever for spring and planting my garden.
Since she didn’t need all seventy-two spaces in her greenhouse, I borrowed half and planted sage, lime basil, dill and cilantro.  I know it seems like a lot, but sometimes I have very bad luck with some of my herbs when I start them from seed.  The earlier I start the more opportunities I have to replant again.
And again.
As if Kenzie-Grace’s project hadn’t started spring fever in the worst of ways, my Meyer lemon tree is in full bloom.
And the slight scent of lemon is hanging in my kitchen.  I’m seeing lemon curd in my future.
Too bad it’s only January.  Maybe the groundhog won’t see his shadow next week.
We can hope!

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