Let the Adventure Begin!

Hopefully you enjoyed Super Bowl Sunday and all of the crazy fun that goes with it!  We gathered with great friends for an evening of laughter, conversation, food and of course to watch the commercials that are oftentimes more entertaining than the game.  Last night we definitely enjoyed the commercials more than the game because the Steelers didn’t win.


The only real down side to the night was Christina Aguilera’s butchering of the National Anthem.
I usually enjoy hearing her sing, but not so much last night.   Some songs should just be performed as written and our National Anthem is one of those.  The words are powerful enough without all the frills that cause you to forget an entire line!
Believe it or not and despite all of the fun we had, the Super Bowl was not the highlight of our weekend.  Neither was the fact that I have been hired to cater a baby shower in March, or do a wedding in May (which is pretty exciting!) …..
You see, this intelligent …..
…down-to-earth, ….
…. and beautiful daughter of mine …..
…. is going to be a Mrs!



Audley and I are just as excited as the two sweethearts!  We have much to celebrate, and much to plan, but time is on our side and we will make it all just perfect.
First up will be an engagement party in March.  This is traditionally thrown by the brides parents (wow, that’s us!) as a way to celebrate the engagement while getting to know the groom’s family better.
The next several weeks will be full as we make plans for this celebration.  I am open for advice, ideas for parties and food suggestions, so feel free to share all you can!

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