Romance is in the Air

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching our home is filled with wonders and secrets:  What is Samantha getting Justin?  What is Daddy getting Mom?  What is Mom getting Daddy?  And most importantly, what is my 10-year-old son son getting his little girlfriend?  

Our home is a home filled with silly, giggly girls, so these are the important questions on their minds.


I guess I look at Valentine’s Day in the same way.  Give me the romantic world of Elizabeth Bennett & Mr. Darcy, Scarlett & Rhett,  Gilbert Blythe & Anne Shirley, Almonzo & Laura, or Edward & Bella (I just can’t help it!) any day!

Like Anne here, I am constantly having to put my hand over my Audley’s mouth!

I want to find the most perfect romantic gesture to win over my Valentine(s) and after sixteen years, I do believe I have perfected it.   I’ve always heard that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.  Audley is living proof of this.  I cooked for him a month after our first date and he proposed to me a couple of weeks later!  

So my Valentine gift to him (and our children) will be a 5-star dinner in our very own dining room.

The menu is nearly complete, but nothing makes a meal more special than to set a beautiful table for us to enjoy our special dinner.  I have been gathering up ideas for a couple of weeks now, and picked a few of my favorites to share.

This is the most romantic to me, but with snow on the ground in north Alabama (again), this is not going to happen any time soon! 


Setting a romantic table doesn’t have to be expensive and “loud”.  Cloth napkins, soft candlelight and pretty glasses can make dinner as lovely as high-end china.

mike wade

Of course you can always go for al the sparkle and shine to create your memorable table as well!

unknown source

While most people think of reds, pinks, and whites for their Valentines decorating, you can set a romantic table using so many other colors.  I just love the lavender and greens used here.

There is always the option of really taking Valentine’s Day to the extreme and really carrying the theme through!

This is one of my favorites since we share our romantic dinner as a family:  using scrabble boards and spelling out cute little Valentine notes.

SImple flower arrangements can make the table gorgeous….


colin cowie

Or lots of red for a more sultry dining experience!

colin cowie

And you don’t have to serve dinner at the table.  Set up a cozy space in front of the fireplace or set your coffee table, using colorful throw cushions for “chairs”.

colin cowie

With all of the ideas so readily available and decorations easy to access, it doesn’t take a professional to set a gorgeous and romantic dining table for Valentine’s Day.  Now I just need to settle on a theme and make it happen!

What are your plans for Valentine’s Day?  Is it a  family affair, or dinner for two?

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