An Open Letter….


Dear Rude, “Jersey Shore” Wanna-be’s at Flip Burger Boutique in Mtn. Brook,



from Jersey Shore


I would personally like to thank you for contributing to possibly the worst dining experience of my entire life this past Saturday night.  At first glance the fifteen of you looked like promising 20-something young people as you pulled up in your nice cars.  Then, you got out of those cars and completely ruined the evening for not only us, but for many other people wanting to enjoy dinner out.  Kenzie Grace and I were so excited that we could eat at Flip.  We timed our trip home from Auburn for that very purpose, but I wish we had gotten there earlier than 9:00 because it was definitely the wrong time for us to be there.
I don’t know which I found more offensive …… it might have been the chick in the dress so short that when she stooped down to pick up her purse for a trip to the ladies room that my 13 year-old daughter caught a glimpse of your butt cheeks (which were bare because you were wearing a G-string); or it might have been the excessive drinking of alcohol that began before you walked through the door and only got worse when you sat down.  You were loud, you were demanding, and you disturbed the restaurant with your vulgar language and diva-ish attitudes.
Jersey Shore girls (MTV)
Our poor waiter exhausted himself trying to cater to your every whim and still attempt to give us a nice dinner.  Every time he stopped by our table one of you grabbed him and pulled him away demanding he pay attention to you.  What really got me was when you complained that your food was taking too long.  Common sense says that when you are a group of fifteen, it will take time to prepare your food and have it sent up at the same time.
You got your food before we got all of ours (our fries didn’t arrive until the check did & I never got my salad),  and We were there first!
The waiter apologized for your behavior and for not being as attentive to us as he would like.  In reality you should have been apologizing.
I found it rather funny that you thought you were so beautiful, when in reality any one of you girls looked like you just walked in from a night on the local street corner.  It’s girls like you that have caused our younger generation of girls to disrespect themselves, dress like tramps, and turn to boys for self-satisfaction instead of God.  The way those guys with you were hanging all over you the image you were trying to create was successful.  I just bet your mothers are so proud of you.
As a mother of a young girl, I was disgusted.  And it will be a cold day in **** before my girls ever walk out the door for a date with the likes of you guys.  My girls deserve respect and honor, not to be pawed on and groped at the dinner table!

I did notice that we were not the only ones disgusted by your presence in Flip.  I got tickled watching another couple your age making fun of your diva attitudes, a group of guys from UAB were sitting nearby, mimicking and laughing at you, while the couple just older than me sitting behind us were just stunned by your behavior.  You got all of the attention you wanted, but none of it was out of respect.  Kenzie Grace was making fun of you on Facebook which stirred up quite the conversation.

If your behavior was this way because you felt you were entitled because you live a lavish life, just know, I paid for my dinner just as you did.  It was paid for with money that was rightfully earned, not given to me by Daddy and Mommy or charged on a credit card.  My life is and will continue to be more lavish than your own because I have been blessed with a fabulous husband and four beautiful children.  No amount of money, fancy cars, expensive clothes can ever beat that.

With your “kiss my ring” attitude you will never know this kind of lavish life and I feel sorry for you.

I know you will never read this letter, but I hope that my daughter learned from the evening …..  how NOT to act in public.  Respect for those around you (whether you know them or not) is a wonderful gift.  Maybe if you learned to have a little, you might receive some in return one day.
Jennifer Jones

4 thoughts on “An Open Letter….

  1. i wish they WOULD read this letter. why are they all
    so tan? madonna and then britney spears started
    this, but these poor kids have taken in to an all time

    sorry they ruined your dinner. maybe they made
    such a big impression on your sweet daughter that
    she will be the poster child for loveliness and
    good manners.


  2. Were you looking around for the What Would You Do camera? That's the first thing I think anymore when I find myself in one of these weird situations.

    I'm so sorry that your evening was ruined. Now, may I offer another suggestion? You might write a letter to Flip describing this nightmare and request that they change their policy about catering to such obnoxious customers. Further, they should be giving all the other customers there who had to endure this boorish bunch a discount or a courtesy meal.


  3. What a bummer. They have no clue where their real identity should come from or who they really are )C: Sorry it ruined your night. Glad that other people including the waiter recognized it as well.


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