Our Own Mardi Gras Table

We don’t celebrate Mardi Gras as a religious holiday in our home, nor is it a drunken party, but instead the color, the music, and the culture of New Orleans are the purpose behind our celebration.  I took the time to set a fun table for my family and prepared the most authentic supper I could for us all.  We really had a lot of fun laughing and sitting down to supper together, which is often difficult with four children all going different directions and a hubby who travels for work.  Making this evening special for us was my number one goal.
Enjoy a peek of our colorful evening.
The masks, beads, and coins are from Party City, The candle holders from Hobby Lobby.
The colorful “table runner” are actually green and purple placemats overlapped from back when I sold Tupperware.  The short glasses that we served non-alcoholic Hurricanes from are purple fleur de lis glasses from World Market.
I served our shrimp cocktails from the Tasting glasses that I found at Pier One back before Christmas.
I have been blessed with children who are not picky eaters, so it makes planning meals so much fun!  They are always up to my crazy ideas and plenty appreciative for the crazy whims I indulge in.

Our menu for the evening:
Shrimp cocktails
Red Snapper Courtbullion

In the next couple of days I will share some of these delicious recipes with you, so be sure to stop back by!

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