A Bit ‘O Tea

With my darling Audley out of town this week, I decided to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day a little differently this year.  We feasted on corned beef and champ before he left so he wouldn’t be left out, but I thought the kids and I would enjoy a little tea party for a fun night in.
I didn’t go all out decorating for St. Paddy’s Day which shocked everyone in the house as I have a tendency to “over-do” things …. just a little!  When I think of Ireland, I think of earthy and simple, so I just added a couple of simple touches to my table.
A white tablecloth always adds a touch of elegance to a table; I topped mine with a beautiful Irish table runner that  I purchased in Gatlinburg a couple of weeks back.
My centerpiece is a live miniature rose bush whose roses have a greenish hue to them.  I added the sparkling shamrock, for luck of course.
I also added two candlesticks from Pottery Barn.  Their rustic appearance seemed to just fit my image of Ireland.  I added a little moss to cradle the candle. I like to appearance of the “old” with the elegant.
With my table set, we sat down to tea, and what a crazy evening it was!  Nothing like sitting with three of your children chatting in an “Irish” accent.
Some good ole Irish whiskey would have been welcome for this crazy mom!
Our Tea time menu…
*cucumber sandwiches
*chicken salad sandwiches (not exactly Irish, but a family favorite)
*Scones with homemade blackberry/strawberry jam & double devon cream
*Irish Breakfast tea
*Mint Oreo truffles
Sharing tea doesn’t require a fancy menu, just a little time to prepare and a sense of adventure.  After all, it’s not a 5-course dinner you are serving!  I wanted a bit of tradition, but wanted the kids to enjoy their favorite (chicken salad) as well.


We were looking for something “green” to drink ….. the kiddos settled on Mountain Dew.  

The sandwiches were a hit, and the scones went over well.  The jam was a yummy topping, but mixing the jam and devon cream was their favorite!

I am sure the sugar high added to the Irish accents.

But, the real star of the evening were the Mint Oreo truffles.
Super easy to make, the kids are so excited to have the leftovers to carry to school with their lunch.
All you need is 1 package of mint Oreo cookies, 1 8-ounce package cream cheese (softened), and a 12-ounce package of white chocolate melts.
Crush your Oreos in the food processor, then blend in the cream cheese.
Roll the mixture into 1-inch balls and place on a lined baking sheet.  Put in the freezer for about thirty minutes.
Melt your chocolate and tint it if you desire.  Dip the Oreo balls in the mixture and let harden at room temperature.
I added green sugar sprinkles to some of mine while the chocolate was still soft for a finishing touch.
Such a delightful treat for this entertaining evening of pretending to be Irish.
I’m linking up with Designs By Gollum today for Foodie Friday.  Check out the other great foodie links she has to share!

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