Stepping Out …..

Who would have ever guessed that a simple little cake decorating class I took nine years ago to get out and meet new people in an area we had just moved would have ever come in so handy (or make me a nervous wreck)?  Over the last several years, I have enjoyed making little cakes for my children and friends for special occasions.
Lately though I have had requests for cakes that are a little out of my comfort zone, including a wedding cake in May.
 Several weeks ago, I was asked to make a cake to serve 150 for Madeline & Bradley’s recreation basketball awards night.  I agreed, but was immediately terrified of what I had agreed to.  After searching for inspiration and ideas (isn’t Google a wonderful tool?), I finally drew up my own idea.
The result (with the help of my amazing hubby) was a sheet cake with a 3-D basketball, surrounded by 100 basketball cupcakes.
I am definitely not a “Cake Boss”, but everyone seemed happy with the cake as the only thing left of it was just the large basketball, which in was equal to about six servings.
I think that was a good sign.
The highlight of the evening though was enjoying my children as they were recognized for their accomplishments.
Those grins make stepping out of my comfort zone a whole lot easier!

3 thoughts on “Stepping Out …..

  1. What a talented cake decorator you are and I know that it tasted good! All these cakes look marvelous, but the basketball one was truly inspired.


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