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Last summer Audley & I enjoyed a whirlwind spin through Scott’s Antique Market in Atlanta with lifestyle blogger & friend,  Eddie Ross.  As we ventured through the market, Eddie shared so many fabulous ideas for adding personality to your home or entertaining projects that my head was spinning with inspiration as we departed!


One of Eddie’s ideas that stuck out the most in my mind was his idea using the unexpected to serve the ordinary when entertaining guests for the evening.
One example?  Using an old tobacco basket to serve up chips and salsa or some other delicious dish at your gathering.
Eddie sharing all of his wonderful knowledge on utilizing the unique
As Audley and I walked around shopping later on, I kept going back to look at the baskets.  I was a woman on a mission this particular shopping trip, so the $125 price tag kept me from purchasing a basket that day.
A month later as we were out and about on the “World’s Largest Yard Sale” trail, I about caused Audley to have a wreck as I yelled “STOP” as we passed a house off by itself on Highway 27.
Leaned up against a tree was an old tobacco basket.
I walked away from that lonely house carrying a lovely basket that I paid $20 for!
{I love a good deal!}
That basket has stayed on my mind since August as I have waited for the perfect event to bring it out and use it.  As I was making plans for our Samantha’s engagement party I knew this would be the perfect event to pull it out.   After careful thought and planning I decided what I would serve from it and talked with Eddie searching for a few tips on displaying chips and salsa or maybe a variety of cheese.  He was so wonderful, and once again filled my head with much inspiration!
As the day of the party drew close, we made a few menu changes and I had my own vision for the basket.  More often than not I have serious crises of poor self-esteem when it comes to my ideas, but this time, I felt quite confident of my decision.
As we were setting up for the party on Thursday, I took my cue from Eddie Ross and created a perfectly unique serving piece for our buffet table.



I had another centerpiece for the table, so my basket was to be the anchor.  We set it up so that it was raised a little from behind, and then lined it with burlap.  We were using burlap in much of our decorating, so this was a good way to incorporate it in.


On top of the burlap we added fern and magnolia leaves that were freshly washed and dried, then we loaded the basket with a variety of colorful, fresh veggies, cheese, grapes, strawberries, and cheese crisps to create a beautiful and appetizing “dish”.




The tobacco basket was the perfect anchor to our tables, and was a conversation piece for many of our guests!



Who would’ve ever thought something so out of the ordinary would make the most perfect accessory to the dinner table?!


I can’t thank Eddie enough for the time he took to inspire me, both last summer and then again in conversation just a couple of weeks ago.
If you have not met Eddie yet, you must take the time to visit his blog and get to know him!  I am sure he will inspire you as well!
And take a look around your home.  See what unique piece you might have that might be the talk of  your next dinner party!

8 thoughts on “Creative Entertaining

  1. Hi! I just came into the ownership of a vintage tobacco basket. I am so excited because it was in the my great grandparents' old pack house. My grandmother and my dad, and most of my relatives have probably used it, since they used to pick tobacco and use these baskets. It even has the name of our town inked onto the side. I am SO excited! I'm hoping to make a table out of it or hang it on the wall. I was googling different ideas, and came across this post. Thank you for sharing your amazing work!


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