Season of Promise

One of the very few things that I do like about living in the country is the space for growing and planting.    It’s sometimes painful to look back over my childhood and laugh at regret the hissy fits I threw over helping Mom in the garden.  She actually taught me so much, and as I have discovered on my own over the years, there are not too many things more satisfying than raising fresh food for the table.
With spring officially here, I have been carefully attending to our fruit trees that we planted a few years back.  Last year I picked our first peaches, but this year it looks as if we might also have plums, and dare I say, apples?
Peach blossoms
The top of our Georgia Belle Peach tree
We have three peach trees which look promising for this season.  I can already taste their dripping sweetness now!
I just love these blossoms!
This is the second year we have had plum trees, and they are also showing great promise.


The blooms have been gorgeous!
The apple tree is a bit moody.  We start off with much promise every spring, and end up with only one or two apples.  But it’s blossoms alone make the tree worthwhile!
It looks so delicate, but is so strong!


the color of an apple blossom has to be my favorite!
I am hoping to get a start on my raised beds late this week.  I believe that we have had our last frost so I am anxious to plant some of our favorite summer freshness!
It’s spring break here which means sleeping in, picnics, and day trips.  I think that I can cram more spontaneous activities in a few days than most people can plan ahead of time!
It sure does make life with children fun!
What do you have growing where you are?

One thought on “Season of Promise

  1. I envy you!!! We have had nothing but constant rain and hail. My ground is so saturated that I dread going out and trying to do anything. I have a ton of bulbs and tubers my sis gave me to plant, I need to move my blueberry bushes and rototill my garden. It would be wonderful if we could get a week with no rain to dry things up just a bit!!!


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