One Minute with Martha …..

Do you ever watch the Martha Stewart show?  Occasionally she shares reader pics and gives her take on them.  I have often wondered how a lucky viewer was chosen to be featured as she has many fans!  So imagine my surprise last Monday when I was cleaning my kitchen with Martha playing in the background to hear my name and city mentioned.
I dropped what I was doing to run into the living room and see Martha showing this cake I made for Samantha & Justin’s engagement party earlier this month and talking about it!
How crazy was that?!
250,000 pics submitted and she chose a select few to share.  It was fun to see!
We can’t get DVR out here, but if you want to see the clip, I had to record it when a repeat of the episode came on for Audley to see since he was at work.

{I just don’t understand a Boiler Making company not showing Martha in the offices!!!}

Here is my one minute of fame ……
It’s going to be a insanely crazy week around here.  Not only is Royal Wedding Fever flowing through our house, the National Cornbread Festival is this weekend.
{Yes, we get excited over our cornbread around here!}
There will be a lot to share!

2 thoughts on “One Minute with Martha …..

  1. How wonderful! The video says that I'll have to try later, believe me, I will. From wedding cake to cornbread…I'll be along for the ride.


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