April’s Fury

It’s crazy how things can change in a matter of hours.  Yesterday I was full of excitement of the great weekend ahead of us: plans for a royal wedding tea party, soccer with my children, and the National Cornbread festival.  Today Audley & I have been all over our little community helping people pick up the pieces of what was their lives.
What started off as rain and severe thunderstorms in North Alabama turned into quite possibly the most frightening day of my life, as I stood on my front porch and watched this tornado form.
When I saw this form, I grabbed my kids and headed to safety, not waiting around to see how massive it was to become.  The size of it was to be discovered as we woke to complete devastation in our little town of 2,600.
From the road just behind our property to the small historic district on Battery Hill, devastation is everywhere.


You can see where trees just snapped


An entire neighborhood no longer exists, and another is severely damaged.




Little Country Church


This was a small horse stable with coral panels standing here yesterday 


Part of a subdivision completely wiped out


An 18-wheeler & other vehicles flipped over



Audley checking to see if our neighbor needed any help.


All that is left of a mobile home


One of the old historic homes on Battery Hill


Barn on the road behind us
We had very little damage; some flooding loss of shingles, etc…, but nothing like the damage our neighbors sustained.  There was even a child who lost his life.  Our whole community is in grieving.
Please keep our community, our neighbors and our beaten down state in your prayers.  Alabama was hit hard.  I know the local or national news isn’t really covering it, so I wanted you to know.  

You can copy & paste this link to see more of the devastation in Bridgeport…

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