Fourteen years ago today, after 23 1/2 hours of labor a beautiful, loud, non-sleeping child was born to Audley and me.  I look back on these fourteen years and realize that MacKenzie Grace is still beautiful, still loud and never sleeps, but I still adore her so much.
Birthday cake in the face, courtesy of the sisters.


Life with MacKenzie is anything but boring, so a spontaneous evening by the grandparents pool, grilling burgers and cooling off with a bestie and her sisters was the perfect evening for her.
This child will never be a poker player …. her face reveals all!


Instead of baking a cake in all of my spare time (insert sarcasm here), while we were in Birmingham over the weekend I picked up a lovely, and fabulously delicious cake from our favorite bakery: Edgar’s.  There were absolutely no complaints for this treat!
With summer here, bringing with it 100 degree temps already, I see a lot more pool parties in our future, which means wonderfully delicious food!
With these girls of mine I know it’ll be an amazing and fun summer!

2 thoughts on “Fourteen

  1. What an adorable sweet fourteen year old. She does have a beautiful, expressive face. Looks as if it was a fun evening for all. The cake is beautiful even if you didn't make it. Sometimes life is too busy. I'm thinking I should order a tray of goodies from the bakery instead of trying to do a lot of baking.


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