My Thrifty Table

When Audley and I picked out dishes years ago, we settled for plain, white dishes that we had found on sale at Pottery Barn.  We had saved and saved making these dishes very special to us.  In a world of color, white can be very dull and boring, but that was one of the reasons I picked these out!
Having white dishes in the kitchen is like having a blank canvas in front of you to paint any way you would like!   I can dress them up formally or keep them casual.  There are no restrictions.  When it comes to stocking my kitchen with dining accessories, I haven’t always bought new.  Nothing is prettier than a vintage piece of silver serving appetizers when company arrives, or glasses from the 1960’s to spark conversation at the table.
I love this wedgewood Jeanette glassware!

When I have the opportunity (which is very rare these days), I love to take a quick stroll through our local Goodwill, looking for that perfect piece to add to my kitchen.  Usually I come up empty handed, but last week, with the help of a phone call from my mother-in-law, I happened upon a box filled with FireKing Jadeite dishes.  For $30 I ended up with several dinner plates, bowls, saucers, mugs, bowls and serving platters.

{Audley thinks they are ugly, but I just love them!}


While having company over last week, I set the table with my plain white dishes and accessorized the the beautiful Jadeite pieces.  I loved the look, and as I looked at my table, I realized with the exception of the basics (plates, glasses, silverware), everything on my table was a thrifty find.
.25 vase from a yard sale for simple arrangements.
Vintage salt/pepper shakers handed down from my grandmother
Cruet picked up at Scott Antique Market in Atlanta for $3. (It is filled with Soy Sauce)
And of course the simple Jadeite dishes that I mixed with my dinnerware.
And if you are looking for something delicious for dinner tonight, you must try this easy Honey-Chili Chicken.  Serve it up with rice and a salad for supper in no time!

How do you set a lovely table?

Just for fun this week I am linking up with Rhoda’s Thrifty Treasures at Southern Hospitality.


6 thoughts on “My Thrifty Table

  1. Jen, I am going out to the garage and pulling out that plain white platter asap. I like jadite and have one little saucer of it, which I use to enjoy a cookie and a glass of milk. What a bargain to find all that for $30! Oh, I'm going out to find the cut glass cruet, too.


  2. your table is beautiful with the white and jadite. i just
    bought the pottery barn white plates and love them,
    because food looks so pretty on them. i will probably
    never use a pattern now.


  3. That is the “jane ray” pattern in jadeite. One of the higher $$ ones to collect. Great Score !! I have a ton of it, collected over 20 yrs, love it!


  4. Jennifer I adore Jadeite!! So beautiful with your other gorgeous pieces! Happy 4th of July!

    Art by Karena

    Come and join a very Fashionable Giveaway from the Shabby Apple!!


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