Vintage Me

What is it about these classic, gorgeous bowls that take me back in time?
It has been a long standing family joke that I was definitely born in the wrong time period.  I may enjoy life in this modern world, but I adore the Victorian and Post Depression eras.  From the simple pleasures of days gone by to vintage treasures found, I love my time lost in the past.


So, when my mother-in-law (who often feeds my vintage desires) offered me this rare set of four Fire King nesting bowls that she had acquired, I couldn’t say “YES!” quick enough!



When Fire King is mentioned, jadeite is often the first thing that comes to mind.  It was cheap, durable and very popular after World War II as home life was returning to normal.  But, Fire King made so much more, including a gorgeous turquoise line of dishware.  Made only between 1956-1958, this turquoise blue Swedish Modern Bowl Set is rarely found with all four bowls intact.  What an awesome find by the mother-in-law!
And with just a little editing magic, freshly picked cucumbers and eggs gathered from our hens look as if they were made for this classic bowl!


Do you have that special item in your kitchen that takes you to a time long past? 


2 thoughts on “Vintage Me

  1. Many, though none as wonderful as these. The design is amazing…one can use that “spouted” area to pour or to hold onto with a thumb inside. Do you find yourself doing that? I'm sure that I would.


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