Taste of Summer

Due to so many things out of our control, we didn’t even begin to plant our garden this year until the end of May. If you are from the south, you know this is VERY LATE!  We haven’t had a lot going on until this last week, but now that we are enjoying some of our first harvest, I thought I would share just a brief taste of summer on our little farm.
We have experienced quite a bit of loss this summer on the farm.  Between the heat and wild animals we have lost much of our flock of chickens.  But, the hens we do have are laying nicely, keeping us well stocked with fresh eggs.
If you have never tasted a farm fresh egg, it’s a flavor beyond description!  All I can do is urge you to visit your local farmers market and buy a dozen.
Or two.
To me there is nothing more old fashioned than gathering eggs and cooking with them almost immediately.
 I just feel so “Laura Ingalls”!


I am so excited about our peach trees this year.  I thinned down the early peaches so that they wouldn’t be as crowded on the branches, and they are twice the size of the peaches that we harvested last year!  I am hoping to pick these the first of next week.  They look so refreshing and inviting when I pull into the driveway everyday.


As for our vegetable garden, the tomatoes are almost ready to pick, the green beans have blooms and the peas are running up the poles, but my cucumbers have just decided to show out!  In the last week I have gathered enough cukes to begin making the first pickles of summer!
I have everything all ready to go, and plan to spend the day making pickles while sitting with Audley’s grandparents tomorrow.  Everyone in the house (even the grands) are anxiously awaiting the zing as they bite into this fresh summer treat.
{Of course we have to stop peeling and eating them as soon as I bring them in!}


What are you growing this summer?  Have you enjoyed your first taste of summer goodness?

One thought on “Taste of Summer

  1. i'm so sorry to hear about your chickens! it has been
    an excessively hot summer. in tulsa, we have had
    record heat.

    how kind of your remaining hens to give you such a
    wonderful stash of eggs. and your peaches look
    divine. i love your idea to thin them out.


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