And Speaking of Back to School…

Whether they want to be or not, my kiddos are back in the swing of the the school year.  I always feel a little guilty that first day when I drop them off……….  

I see the kids dragging into school loaded down with their supplies, not quite ready to give up summer break, the teachers looking terrified at the prospect of who might be in their classroom, and then there is me ….. I dropped my kids off, smiling brightly and as the doors to the van slam shut I turn the radio to my favorite station, crank up the volume and sing all the way out of the parking lot!  I love coming home to an empty house that first day, enjoying an entire Route 44 Diet Coke from Sonic as I blast music that fits my mood and find my laundry room floor pick up the house, read a magazine uninterrupted, or maybe even catch an hour of HGTV.

Lovely image isn’t it?!

When my kids do arrive home in the afternoon they are always starving.  I think I could pack an entire cow in their lunch boxes and they will come home from school acting like they haven’t eaten in six months!  Trying to develop good eating habits with kids is really a challenge.  Schools have vending machines with ice cream and sodas which are things I consider a treat, not an everyday must have.  I have tried several ways over the years of doing snacks, but teaching kids moderation is quite a challenge.

This year I am trying something different.  Using the little Ziploc snack bags, I have cut up cucumbers carrots, & celery, or filled them with grapes & other healthy snacks (cheese cubes are a great choice) where they can just open the refrigerator and grab a bag as they go off to do their homework.  I even fix little cups of light ranch for vegetables to be dipped in.


Place your prepared bags in an aluminum pan or shallow dish to keep organization in your refrigerator.


Tupperware has some great “little” storage that I like above all else they offer.

I also fixed up some fruit kabobs one afternoon which were a hit with my kids.  It was something different which makes them feel appreciated.


This teaches them portion control as well as letting them snack healthy.  I have always had a weight issue, so I really want to encourage my kids to develop good habits while they are young.  Yes, I fix such delights as chocolate chip cookies, peach dumplings (recipe coming next week!) and more cupcakes than I can begin to count, but for every unhealthy snack they eat there are triple the number of healthy snacks available to them.

Putting together this snack system wasn’t that difficult or time consuming.  Audley took a little time to help me and we finished in about twenty minutes.  Alone it probably would take thirty minutes.  Doing this on a Sunday afternoon helps make things a little easier on Monday.  I bought the watermelon, cantaloupe and cheese already cubed which saved a little time.  I always keep cucumbers, carrots and celery on hand so it was just a matter of cutting it up for them.  The ranch dressing can be bottled or made from a mix.  I like to use the Hidden Valley Ranch mix and replacing the mayo with sour cream.   I also fixed enough that they can throw a bag in their lunchboxes for an afternoon pick-me-up before volleyball or soccer practice.

What do you consider healthy snacks?  How do you satisfy the snackers in your house?

Inquiring minds want to know!!

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3 thoughts on “And Speaking of Back to School…

  1. Great post! I love the idea of doing snacks like that! While my girls are homeschooled this would be great for them to just reach and grab.

    I like to keep hummus and crackers on hand, applesauce, fruit, granola bars.


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