I so look forward to this time of the year: summer begins to fade away as extremely hot temperatures begin to release their grip, sunsets seem even more vivid as crisp evenings take their place……
the excitement of football season fuels our weekends, a change from lighter summery foods to the rich, hearty flavors of autumn……


and even a touch of new life as flowers that wilted and passed away from the summer’s relentless heat are beginning to bloom once again.




When I think of seasons, often I think of changes in our own lives.  

Seasons are crazy things.  We weather storms, and learn to dance in the rain.  When you first get married you imagine your life the ending of a fairy tale.  You forget that there is generally a “bad guy” before the happy ending.  It may be debt, it may be stresses of a job, it may be dis-satisfaction where you are at in the moment, but those “bad guys” change us as we move towards that fairy tale ending.  In a fairy tale there is also a time where the hero/heroine of the story grows and develops.

In the last 16 years Audley & I have weathered our fair share of seasons.  The last eight weeks have brought about much realization about who we are as individuals and especially as a couple as Audley was presented with a fabulous opportunity that will definitely benefit us all.  In our own lives, we are at that growing and developing part, especially my dear hubby who has been going through a mild mid-life crises the last three years.   And now it’s my turn to go through a season, one that will be stressful for now, but eventually be a wonderful thing.

Much of these changes will be reflected in my blog as I go from happy housewife to well-traveled, often over-worked & very stressed mom.  You see, this weekend we will be moving Audley to South Carolina where he will begin a new job on Monday.

While he settles in, I will tie up loose ends here, allowing the kiddos to fulfill commitments to sports teams, and look for a new home for all of us to settle in.  It’s going to be a lot.

We are giving up a quite life on hubby’s little mid-life crises farm to move to the suburbs;  more opportunities for the kids both educationally & culturally, and definitely a wonderful season of change for Audley.  He has more than earned this wonderful opportunity that he has been given.

So my dear friends, I ask you to bear with me as we go through this season of change.  I am quite content with this season as I am a city girl through and through, but managing our busy family with the man of the house five hours away is going to be a challenge.

There is no telling what I might cook, say or do.  But rest assured, this is just the beginning of a wonderful tale!


2 thoughts on “Seasons

  1. …and I believe you! Be blessed, stay strong, baby steps and all that. As I said yesterday, the good thing about blogging buddies is that we don't get left behind. We're going along for the fun so let the journey begin!


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