College Game Day

 My parents were ever so kind to keep the kiddos this weekend so that Audley and I could spend some much needed time together.  On our agenda?
Audley’s favorite NAVY football at South Carolina!
While Saturday was rather overcast and cool, I had a husband who was radiating sunshine with his eagerness to get to the game in Columbia!
You know we love our college football, and nothing beats game day!
We love to throw a game day bash, but even better than a party at home is enjoying game day at the stadium!! Audley was up early getting things ready to tailgate before the game.
He took care of slicing the onions & the fresh bakery buns, as well as stocking the cooler with drinks for the day. Tailgating is his “domain”, so I just let him prep away.


On the road to see NAVY play!
Since it was just the two of us, our game day menu fit our personalities perfectly:
Smoked brats w/ kraut & chopped onion
homemade dill pickles
Kettle cooked chips
luscious fresh grapes
Brie cheese & melba toast
Tailgating for two was simple enough.  We just unloaded the travel grill, threw a blanket in the back of the truck, and enjoyed quite a little feast in the parking lot before the game.
Audley grilled our brats while I set out plates and condiments.
Another example of our differences in taste.


The wine added a little flair to our tailgate party.  I chose a lovely White Zifandel  which perfectly complimented the brats and sea salted chips.  Audley & I have very different tastes;  I like Dijon mustard on my brats, he like old fashioned yellow mustard.  He likes BBQ chips and I like sea salt.
But our differences sure do make for a great pre-game meal!



There are so many fabulous treats you can purchase these days that make tailgating or picnicking so convenient.  I love the individual Brie cheese by “President”  There are eight servings in a round, each wrapped individually for easy serving and storage. Small, individual bottles of wine are also an easy way to manage your servings.  Football is no fun if you are too stupid to enjoy the game!
And the combo salt shaker/pepper grinder?…. $3.99 at TJ Maxx.  The perfect accessory for any picnic basket.
Believe it or not, all the flavors went perfectly with our brats.
Tailgating is what you make of it from the simple to the all afternoon spread.  All that matters is that you have a good time!
A South Carolina fan’s tailgate spread
NAVY may not have won the game, but with great seats in the midst of Navy fans, we enjoyed a wonderful game day in Columbia, South Carolina!




The excitement in a stadium on game day is electrifying!




Have you caught the excitement?!

One thought on “College Game Day

  1. Not for the game, but definitely for the tailgate party! Hmmmmm…

    So glad that you two had some fun time together. Audley definitely looks happy to be going to the game!


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