Table Matters

Setting the table is not high on the list of things people like to do in their homes.  Why set a table when you can easily eat off of paper plates, eat in front of the television, or just go out to eat?  I know the feeling.  Sometimes I am just not in the mood.  I stack plates on the counter-tops and basically tell the family to fend for themselves, especially while school and extracurricular activities are in full swing.

While this is convenient, I am seriously doing my family, especially my girls, a disservice.  First, they deserve to be treated special and sit down to a table set special for them, and secondly, my girls, and even my son, need to know how to set a table.  It is an art that is being lost to the world of fast food and entertainment.

After all, Proverbs 31 reminds us that A mother “should watch over the ways of her household.”  So, it is truly up to me to create an escape from the fast paced world to a cozy night in at home around the dinner table as well as teach my children ways to care for their future families!

In an effort to inspire me to make suppertime a little more special for the family and teach my girls some of the things that really are necessary for keeping home, I have enlisted their help in planning meals and setting the table.  What better way to begin this little project than with a Halloween themed supper?!

With a menu consisting of worm-filled eyes (Shrimp stuffed mushrooms),

gangrenous body parts (spinach & cheese filled ravioli),

witches stew (French onion soup) and apple spice cake (you can’t make that sound gross!),

 I let MacKenzie have her try at setting the table for supper last night.


Using some pictures I had of table settings, she did a really good job putting the table together.  We didn’t need all of the extra silverware and glasses, but she did make sure we had all that was required for our meal from a salad fork to soup spoon, plates for our entree as well as dessert plates.

And after she had everything arranged, MacKenzie took the time to make her own spooky addition to supper with a witches brew.

An easy witches brew it is, with two scoops of lime sherbet and then fill the glass with ginger ale.


While the “chore” of setting the table was not high on her own list of priorities, it didn’t take long for her to really get into it and put forth a lot of effort.  She was proud of her table (and reminded me multiple times to make sure I mentioned she had set it!).  It sure made supper enjoyable for all of us!

Have you set your table this week?

I did want to take a minute to thank everyone for the e-mail and comments as we went through the loss of Audley’s grandfather last week.  We appreciated them all so much!

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