My Halloween Tabletop

While on the subject of tables this week, I thought it might be fun to set my own “spooky” table for supper one night.
I went a little more formal than MacKenzie, but it made suppertime a lot of fun.





 For my table I used miniature pumpkins and gourds spray-painted silver for an elegant and dramatic flair.  Black spiders added an eerie touch to them and kept the theme from my vignette going.  I continued the spider theme  with a black spider web tablecloth that I found years ago at a craft fair and purple tea-light candle holders etched with spider webs.  The purple and black actually fit nicely with the silver pumpkins.  For our dinner napkins, I took plain white cloth napkins purchased at HomeGoods and dyed them with RIT gray.  It was quick and easy, and gave me just the color that I needed to match my theme.  The spider web bread plates also came from HomeGoods.  As for candles, check out Hobby Lobby’s selection.  I have never been disappointed in the variety of pillar candles that they carry throughout the seasons!



I wish I had time to set the table this creatively every night!

I also took my decorating a little beyond the table for a lingering holiday vignette.

I just love the idea of silver pumpkins! These are faux pumpkins that I bought at Michael’s on clearance last season.  They painted up nicely.  Fake spiders add just the perfect Halloween touch.


We are planning a rather subdued Halloween this year as we will be away on our annual extended family camping trip this weekend.  And I don’t mean in a camper or cabin.  We will rough it with no electricity.  In a tent.  In the cold.  Sleeping in sleeping bags.  And cooking over a fire.
I am not a camper, but hey, we all have to step out of our boxes from time to time to make sure the rest of the family is having fun.  It’ll be entertaining to say the least.
Happy Halloween Y’all!

6 thoughts on “My Halloween Tabletop

  1. You are one creative mom! I hope that your family appreciates all that you do for them. Now, about this weekend camping thing…I'll be praying for you!


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