Planning a Girl’s Night In

I am so excited to be hosting four of my dearest girlfriends for supper next week.  It will be a bittersweet event as I am so afraid that this will be the last time we can all be together before our big move, but it will still be a wonderful evening full of laughter and lots of memories.
Usually our girls nights are spontaneous and we go out, but this time having everyone in my own home was especially important to me.  Sharing a  meal in the comfort of a home is so much more enjoyable and relaxing.  You can laugh as loud as you want  (heaven knows how loud we are!), and if you need to cry (I am sure I will) you can do that as well without feeling self-conscious.
I have all of the details planned with a RSVP received from everyone.  For decorating, my plan is to go with colors of the season using my Turkey plates, fresh flowers, and mini-pumkins for the tabletop.  Creative Candles had a gorgeous selection of autumn candles, and I found just the color I needed to pull my table together while in Scottsboro at Gina’s last week.  I don’t know if you can purchase Creative Candles brand where you are, but please check and see.  These are dripless tapers that came in various sizes for a beautiful addition to even the most casual of meals.
The best thing about Creative Candles is that they are made in the USA.  I was introduced to them while shopping with the super talented Eddie Ross at Scott’s Antique Market in Atlanta last year.
As for our menu, I decided to go seasonal all the way, using fresh and local ingredients in my dishes.  Even the apples are from an orchard just 20 miles from here.  I love being able to support our local growers.
  Lighting a fire in the fireplace, setting the table, putting on some great music; I am quite sure the mom in the five of us will enjoy this girl’s night.

2 thoughts on “Planning a Girl’s Night In

  1. May there be more laughter than tears and promises that you will all be together again. Perhaps you can make plans! You know, be intentional. I see road trips in everyone's future. Have the most fun of evenings. I can tell that you're having fun just planning.


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