*Making It All Fit*

Kitchen storage is such a valuable commodity to most everyone.  I often find myself having to store dishes or serving pieces in the laundry room, only to realize that they aren’t as easily accessible as I would like.  I had been looking for creative solutions when I stumbled upon this hutch for a really good price on Craigslist.



I think everyone I knew had one of these in the late 1980’s and into the 90’s, so finding one still in good shape was quite a stroke of luck.  Naturally I wanted to help it blend in with the rest of my decor, so out came the primer and paint to create a “new” hutch to help with kitchen storage.



Glossy black paint and cute knobs from Hobby Lobby gave this old piece just the breath of life it needed.  I also added wood strips so that I could display seasonal dish-ware on the shelves.



The doors on the bottom hide a variety of platters, oversized serving bowls, and pitchers.  The shelves are deep enough to make quite a difference in organizing my kitchen.


I also love that I can display china and holiday decorations.  It will help to keep my countertops clear for Christmas baking, but still allow for a festive touch in the kitchen.



Do you have any interesting projects join on?  How do you cope with lack of space when trying to get organized?

I am participating in Metamorphosis Monday for the first time.  Stop over and check out other great transformations.


3 thoughts on “*Making It All Fit*

  1. Oh wow! What a Cinderella story that cabinet has experienced. Just wonderful, Jen. Glad that you now have some extra storage…beautiful storage…for your dishes!


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