Those Turkey Day Leftovers

Normally I don’t do Thanksgiving leftovers.
By the time we have celebrated with my side of the family, then celebrated again with Audley’s side of the fam., I am pretty tired of turkey and dressing and ready for an old fashioned grilled hamburger!


But the day after Thanksgiving this year I found myself looking in the refrigerator at the remnants of a really delicious turkey that I had cooked the day before.


Maybe it was because the flavor of the delicious basting juices (white wine and chicken broth seasoned with fresh herbs) for the turkey were preserved in my senses, or perhaps it was because  I didn’t have any ground sirloin for a good hamburger & I didn’t want to drop what I was working on around the house to brave Black Friday traffic, but I gave in and decided to eat the leftover turkey.


With hubby hanging out in the kitchen anxiously waiting on something to eat, I took two tablespoons of butter, and three tablespoons of flour and blended them together with a whisk in a hot pan on the stove.  Slowly I added the leftover juices from the turkey, whisking continually until I had the most delicious gravy I think I have ever tasted!  Slicing turkey over always loyal Sunbeam bread, I pour a little gravy over it for the best Thanksgiving leftovers ever: an open-faced turkey sandwich!
And what was I working on that encouraged me to indulge in Turkey day leftovers?
{I’ll share all of these details later in the week!}
What did you find to do with your Thanksgiving leftovers?

One thought on “Those Turkey Day Leftovers

  1. i bet it tasted even better than the day before!
    i always use the carcass to make a lovely stock
    and so enjoy filling the pot with yummy veggies
    and letting it reduce all day to . . . a heavenly


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