Decking the Mantle

Have you ever read the delightful Christmas tale of Eloise?


It is a favorite story of ours as Christmas approaches; a story, that while my children are growing up so fast, they never seem to outgrow.
{They always claim it is my autobiography.}
I have always loved the story of this precocious child who adores Christmas, maybe because I imagine I am this child.  As soon as Thanksgiving has ended I put on my “Christmas Jingle Bells and jingle around” as I decorate our home for Christmas.
“Then it’s zippity jingle and dash away ping
Hang holly and berries in the halls
Tie tassels on all the thermostats and 
Write Merry Christmas on all of the walls…”
(from Eloise)
So over the last week, between following the high school basketball team ….
#20 is my superstar!

entertaining twenty-seven young members of our church’s youth group ……


and making fudge and peanut butter cups and peppermint truffles and cream-filled meringue  (the recipes are coming!!)…..
I have “hauled out the holly” and “decked the halls“!

Our mantle is always one of my favorite places to decorate for Christmas.  I love our rock fireplace with it large oak mantle.  It is a lovely focal point in the living room which makes me want to take extra care with it’s adornment.

{I’m really going to miss this mantle when we move!}

I am a very traditional person, and carry themes throughout all of my Christmas decorating.  But, I am always careful to make sure my children are represented in the theme as well.
Aren’t they a charming group to please?!?!  
Santa, elves, candy, and traditional read and green flow through-out the house making each room a festive place to be.  And in true Southern style, I have probably gone a bit overboard, which my family would be severely disappointed if I didn’t!


For the mantle I included a Santa who has many miles (and several states) on him.  We bought him eight years ago and since then he has lived in Iowa, Alabama, and Georgia (& soon South Carolina!) for memorable Christmas celebrations.  I would love to hear his version of our silly holiday antics!


Every mantle should have a dash of whimsey, and “falala” just makes me smile.


I couldn’t forget the candy canes, a very traditional part of Christmas!


For my garland, I wound lights through a faux garland, then filled it out with fresh cut magnolia leaves, cedar tips, and nandina berries.  I love the look of a full garland.  This is an super easy and very economical (free) way to update your well-worn garlands!


After the evergreens are all tucked in, I added red beaded garland and glass ornaments to sparkle and dance in the lights.  At Christmas you can NEVER have too much sparkle!


The wreath continues to carry our theme through the house and glitters nicely in the mirror.

And lastly, we hung the stockings.  With care of course!

Pottery Barn after Christmas sales are a delight when you are looking for something specific like personalized stockings.


I am linking up with Rhoda at Southern Hospitality today for her Mantle Party.  It will be a wonderful party I am sure!
 In the words of Eloise,
“Ooooooooooooooooooooo! I absolutely love Christmas!”
And check out “Eloise at Christmastime” for your own family;  I am sure it will delight your inner child as well!

2 thoughts on “Decking the Mantle

  1. This to me is Christmas perfection! I love the garland with the giant red ornaments, and the candy in the wreath. It's beautiful! Merry Christmas!


  2. I don't know Eloise, unless she is you and you is her. Is that grammatically correct? Ha! I love your decorations. What a great mantel to decorate. I'm thinking you'll have lots of great spots to decorate in your new home. (I had no idea that you've moved so often in the past eight years. Phew! Thank goodness for Blogdom where pretty much everyone stays put.)


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