Swapping Cookies

It’s fun to see all of the different parties that are held throughout the holiday season each year.  From the company that still holds the traditional office party to the group of teachers shedding their stern images and getting plastered at a BBQ restaurant it seems the mood to celebrate is in the air!
About five years ago when we were living in Rome, Georgia, I attended a wonderful fun Ladies Night out party in the form of a cookie swap.  In the four year since we moved away I have tried to recreate my own version of that fun party by hosting my own cookie swap each year.
This year I did things a little differently by inviting some college age girlfriends and encouraged my girlfriends with daughters to bring them along for the evening.  We had a wonderful time!
Hosting a cookie swap is such an easy and informal affair.   The rules are simple and make it easy for all of your friends who like to bake and even those who do not, to participate.


1. All cookies should be baked.

2. Please bring 8-10 dozen total cookies.
3. The theme of course is “Christmas Cookies” (You can make any variation of the theme you like.)
4. Creatively arrange cookies in a basket or platter Bring a large container to carry away your cookies (I always like to have some to share as a little gift) 
5. If you would like, bring a copy of your recipe to the party to share!
6. Christmas (or theme) attire is encouraged!
7. RSVP as soon as you can and let me know what type of cookies you are planning on baking – no duplicate recipes allowed
8. There’s a prize for the best Christmas outfit. (Give prizes!)
9. If you don’t have time to bake, don’t bake, or have burnt your cookies, but still want to attend, you must go to a real bakery and buy your cookies dozen yummy cookies, OR check out the Pillsbury aisles at your local grocery store. 
(These rules are adapted from Cookie-Exchange.com)
A hint to help with your cookie swap…..  Over invite!  You need at least ten for a good swap.  If you invite 20-25, You should end up with a good number attending.  Remember that you want your guests to take away at least a half-dozen of each cookie, so make sure you inform everyone to bake accordingly.  I had twelve RSVP, and told them to each bring 10-dozen cookies.  We all walked away with quite a variety and plenty to share.



If you have never attended a cookie swap or hosted one, set up a little snack and drink table and go for it!  I highly recommend it!  What are some of your informal Christmas 
celebrations each season?
Our first family Christmas was last night in Nashville.  Friday, we will host host our annual luncheon with friends, before some serious prepping for a Christmas dinner for 14 in our home!  It is going to be a wonderful weekend with four days of celebrating!  I’ll be back with a couple more gift suggestions from the kitchen tomorrow and then a tablescape for Christmas dinner on Friday.
I hope you’ll stop back by!

One thought on “Swapping Cookies

  1. Jen, you sure stay busy!

    I've never done a Cookie Swap nor attended one. I know that some of the teachers have done one and I know that the Ladies Fellowship did one. It does look like fun and you've given some great tips for success. (What I really don't like, and this because my mother was a teacher in that teachers' group that did one, was having all the cookies in a big lump. All of the flavors got intermingled and the cookies got soggy. Oh I would have just tossed the entire lot. I see that your party keeps them nicely separated. Yay!)

    Merry on now!


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