Christmas Memories

Hopefully you  had a beautiful and blessed Christmas holiday!  Three days after Christmas and I am just now slowing down to catch my breath before a weekend of weddings (we have two to attend!), bowl games, and of course wonderful New Years celebrations. I cannot ever remember a Christmas as perfect as ours has been.
It wasn’t about the gifts (although our children were thrilled with Santa), but instead about taking time to savor each moment we had with those we love.  From a weekend getaway to the Biltmore house in North Carolina the weekend before Christmas with dear friends to making special time to celebrate the season with all of our family there could have been no better holiday.
I truly can’t describe all of the passion, warmth, and love, but maybe these few pictures will give you a glimpse of the joy in our lives.
Even the children had a blast at the Biltmore Estates
My first ever crown roast served at our annul Christmas luncheon with friends



The Bible tells us that there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother, this is Audley’s.


Twas the night before Christmas….


on the table


Our Samantha with her fiancee’, Justin


Bradley learning to use his bow… so very thankful for the strong men who influence him in life.


One of my sweet little nieces


Our MacKenzie Grace


Our Madeline


My nieces and nephew ready for Santa
Santa wanted to open gifts at midnight so that our Christmas morning was focused on worship instead of worldly trivia 


A very happy little boy shocking his Dad with a hug
The face of a child who was totally surprised by her Christmas gift


Justin looking through Samantha’s first cook book showing her all the things he wants her to cook for him!


My parents @ our Christmas Day luncheon at our house… no gifts, just quality family time



My in-laws at Christmas day lunch


Audley’s Great- aunt and grandmother at our Christmas day luncheon


Bradley shooting the rifle that his Dad built


Romance at the Biltmore


May all your days be merry and bright!

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