Yesterday my baby girl turned a much anticipated (only by her) thirteen years old!  I’m not supposed to have three teenage daughters.  Madeline is supposed to be this snugly baby full of smiles and giggles, not a feisty, young woman who informed me that she would have no problems having a date for the Valentine’s Day dance that is scheduled at her new school the day after they start!



Thirteen is an important year in our household.  While they certainly don’t need it, my girls have been allowed to experiment with make-up (only a little eye color & tinted lip gloss) and get their Passports for international travel.
Madeline will join Audley, MacKenzie & I in Jamaica this summer doing mission work.  It’s so important to train our children to serve others while they are young.  Service to others is a quality that isn’t taught so much anymore, but one we have always put emphasis on in our home.   Madeline loves to visit the nursing home each month when we go as a family.  So many of the lonely residents just love her and her sweet spirit.  I know the people in Santa Cruz, Jamaica will adore her serving heart as well.
Madeline & her special friend, Mr. Jimmy.  
We have a surprise party planned for this weekend, but we still enjoyed cake on Madeline’s special day.  I have seen images floating around the internet (mainly on Pinterest) of multi-layer and multi-colored cakes.  Simply decorated on the outside, but very pretty once cut.  It was a time consuming process, but I managed to do this for Madeline’s cake last night.






Madeline loved her cake and especially thought it was “so awesome” that the layers were blue.  To make the cake, I used my White Velvet cake recipe, adding Wilton Periwinkle gel coloring to each layer making it blue.  I used a little less coloring as I did each layer, and didn’t bake one layer until I was confident the next was a different shade.  I kept a little white food coloring on hand to help lighten the layers as needed.
The icing is a basic buttercream, also tinted with periwinkle and white, but not mixed to a solid color consistency.  I wanted the icing to appear to be various shades of blue as well.  I swirled it on the cake using a large Wilton 1M tip.
It’s these intimate family moments I treasure so very much.


With ‘operation surprise party’ in full swing, I have a full plate today and tomorrow, the biggest challenge is keeping Madeline occupied and absent while all the cooking and decorating is going on! I’m trying a new cake decorating technique for the party, also found on the Pinterest website.
Have you discovered Pinterest yet? 

3 thoughts on “*Thirteen*

  1. Pinterest? Yes. What a time waster until you find that wonderful idea that changes things up a lot like that beautiful birthday cake!

    She's thirteen? What a cutie! Hope that her birthday is wonderful. And do let us know how the date for the Valentine's Party works out. I'm thinking she may know whereof she speaks. =)


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