What I Am Going to Miss

In just seven days, I will be watching as a handful of strangers come and pack up all of our possessions and load them on a truck for a haul to South Carolina.  While Bridgeport has not been our full-time home, it is in the area where our families live, and has been an important part of our lives for the last sixteen years as it was the place to come home to between long-term construction projects.
One thing about Audley taking a job in corporate headquarters is there will be no more “coming home” between projects.  We will be settled in one place, making a new home, this time one our own children will return to as they get older and go off to college.
While I love the city and all of its conveniences, I am going to miss this little town in Alabama.
 Just a little.
I am going to miss our little place in the county.  It’s nothing fancy by any means, but it is ours.  It was all we could afford eleven years ago, and we have made some precious memories here.
I am going to miss my chickens.  A lot.  It is going to be quite a change going from freedom of expression in our own yard to homeowners association rules.  Unfortunately, “farm animals” aren’t allowed in our subdivision.  My little birds left Sunday, moving to their new home with my parents.  I cried, just a little.
I am really going to miss their fresh eggs.
I am going to miss my peach trees.  I have loved caring for them, picking their lush fruits and canning them for winter’s use.


I am going to plant some in my new backyard.
I am going to miss my fenced in garden spot and bringing in baskets of fresh tomatoes for salsa.  It looks like raised beds will be the garden of choice in our new home.
I am going to miss my flowering trees:  the crabapple, the plum, and the apple.  They are so beautiful every spring.


I would say That I was going to miss all thirty-one rose bushes, but I am digging nearly all of them up and taking them with me.  The day-lilies and peonies, too.

Audley is real excited over this decision.

{Why yes; my voice is dripping with sarcasm.}


I am really going to miss the kitchen I designed and my husband created for me. I love my oak floors and open plan.
And I am going to miss a whole lot of people.  First, my family. Second, those amazing friends who are like family. Third, I am really going to miss the sweet little girl I have kept for eighteen months.

And fourth I am going to miss our oldest daughter, Samantha, more than words can say.

Kids grow up.  They go to college.  They get engaged.  I know my parents and my in-laws will take good care of her, but it doesn’t take away the pain of leaving her here.
Samantha with her fiancee, Justin. My grandkids (that I won’t have for at least 5 yrs) are going to be gorgeous!

Moving away is a stay-at-home-mom’s biggest fear, but sometimes, you just have to put on your big girl knickers and go with the flow.

{It’s going to be okay.}

3 thoughts on “What I Am Going to Miss

  1. Made me get a little weepy there just imagining all that will stay behind. Good thing is that you are moving forward to new things, new and exciting things. And, just like the rose bushes, all your cyber friends get to go along, too. Thank goodness for that! We're here for you, Jen. Hang tough, but don't forget to shed enough tears that everyone will know how much you'll miss them. Many blessings!


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