{I Can’t Believe} It’s Butter!

Several weeks ago I discovered a wonderful little blog, “I Married an Irish Farmer“, and immediately made myself at home.  While scrolling through her archives, I found where she had made fresh butter using her Kitchen Aid mixer and decided that was the perfect solution to my abundance of heavy cream in the refrigerator (I had 1/2 liter).
My “churn” and thick, luscious cream.
The process, while much more simple than my great-grandmother’s method, still takes a little time and if you have your mixer too high, you will make a BIG mess.
{Not that I know that or anything}
The process was really easy.  Using my very clean mixer (didn’t want to compromise the butter in any way) I added the cold cream and began mixing on level four.
About ten minutes in, your cream will really begin to change appearances, appearing lumpy, almost curdled.


About twenty to twenty-five minutes in the cream began to really separate giving you a clear picture of butter milk and butter fat.
This is where the milk may being splashing everywhere if you have decided to speed the process up and turn you mixer on high.


When your whisk begins filling with the butter, it is finished.


At this point you can strain you buttermilk through a sieve, saving it to cook with or let your eleven year old son who has been watching the whole time drink it.  Take your butterfat and icy cold hand and press any extra milk from the butter.
Then place in the desired container you are storing it in.  I used a canning jar for mine. Stored in the refrigerator, this will keep for two – three weeks.
If you like flavored butter, add a few tablespoons of fresh honey to your butter and cream it together.  I used honey from my brother-in-law’s bee hives, but you can find delicious local honey at any of your farmer’s markets.  Cilantro and lime would make a delicious flavored butter for steak or fish.  Lavender butter would be amazing on piping hot biscuits.
I made fresh cornbread for our lunch so we could use our fresh butter.
A little vintage down-home goodness.
Absolutely delicious.

5 thoughts on “{I Can’t Believe} It’s Butter!

  1. Hmmmmm…that would go so lovely with all the bread I've been baking. No more bread! No more butter! No more whimpering… Your son likes buttermilk? Now he's a rare young man!


  2. My Grandmother used to make butter by slowly shaking it in a large glass jar. At least that's what I remember. They had a cow so I'm guessing that's where they got the cream. Don't remember what the butter tasted like but I'm sure it was delicious on her homemade biscuits.


  3. Oh the possibilities…we can think of so many delicious things to pair this with. Such a simple process for such an amazing end product! You'll have us dreaming of butter for days now.
    xo E + J


  4. I came over from Sugar Pie Farmhouse. Your butte looks soooo good! I can only imagine how lovely it would be on fresh biscuits or cornbread, or with honey added. I am salivating. I tried making butter a year or two ago, using instructions on making it in the blender. It was a dismal flop. I'm sure, after reading your instructions, I was not patient enough; I probably gave up after about five minutes or so. It sounds like I should give it another go sometime. Thanks for the inspiration and instructions 🙂


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