Looking Forward

No matter what is going on, I always try to look for the positive.  As a mom sometimes being positive becomes an act for the sake of the kiddos.

As my house is being packed up today I am extremely sentimental and sad, but truly positive all at the same time.  While I am going to miss so much, it is no act that I am positive in the future plans for our family!  I am even a bit excited.

So what am I looking forward to?
Over the last 14 months I have catered several events and even baked cakes for a profit.  It has all been very exciting.
I have an appointment to tour the Culinary Institute of the Carolinas the week after we move.  I hope  to return to school, to add a culinary degree to my management degree.  I love to cook, I love to plan. I love to entertain.  I love to make people feel special.  Why not put it to use?!
I truly hope that this pans out, but if it doesn’t, I will be OK.
Oh, the possibilities!  I have a plan, but it will be several years in the making.  Being a wife and mother comes first in my life, so I will continue to enjoy my children and lay the foundation for my dreams.
I am looking forward to the convenience of city living.  Ten minutes from Publix, Bi-Lo, & Food Lion, yes, please!!  No more small grocery store featuring sub-par produce and lack of stock.  I’ll also have a Target, Hobby Lobby & TJ Maxx within five miles.  Yes, I am excited!
I am also looking forward to space as we go from an 1800 sq ft home to 3000 sq ft!  I love our little country place that has been the source of so many wonderful memories, but with thwo teenage daughters and a nearly teenage son, the concept of space is so exciting!!
our new home!
Just a glimpse of that space, you say?
The great room looking down from the loft bedroom
Another view of the great room; the carpet is not ripped, but has electrical outlets installed!  No cords spread throughout the room!
Stairs going to the loft
Front entryway
Part of my galley kitchen
As you can see I have a blank slate that I can’t wait to tackle!
While I am so excited about future possibilities, I am mostly looking forward to being with Audley again!  He has been at his new job for over five months now, and I am anxious to live in the same house again as a whole family.  Audley is my strength, support, and encourager.  He is my biggest fan and cheerleader.  He makes me laugh (even at the worst of times), and my heart hurts when he is away.
I will have limited internet for several days as we make our transition, but I will be popping in and out!  I hope you’ll make this adventure with us!

5 thoughts on “Looking Forward

  1. Such exciting things you've shared today. I am thrilled with your decision to return to school…right up your alley, my dear. It's going to be great! And what a beautiful new home! More fun on the way. To be with your darling again is going to be the very best of all. Much love! And lots of excitement for you!!


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