Creating an Entry-Way

**Since originally posting this, we have finished a little bit of an update.  You can check it out here: Gallery Wall Update.
Decorating our new house is going to be so much fun!  While we are out of boxes, now comes the task of personalizing our home and adding touches that will represent us.  I feel like an artist with a blank canvas right in front of me.
Deciding what to do with the canvas, though, is quite a challenge.
After staring at blank walls for days, I decided to tackle the entryway.  This space is the first impression guests will have of our home, but it is also a space that is open to the living and dining rooms, so I see it all day as well.

There is not a lot to this space, but it is there.  It is also obvious that it is not in the living room or a part of the dining room.  I think small spaces are difficult to decorate because it is so easy to over-fill the area, making it look cluttered.  My other issue with decorating is the frosted window next to the door.  It’s not really a window made for looking out and enjoying the scenery.So now that you have seen my before, here is my after.


{Simple, without frills.}

That is all I wanted.

I created a gallery wall using black & white pictures that I have taken (with the exception of two) over the years of various landmarks from the many places we have lived.  We have wonderful memories from each place so creating a picture gallery was a great way to remind us of all the adventures we have shared as a family.

This the a copy of my depot picture from our home in Bridgeport

While I didn’t get a good photo of it, I first placed a small silver/gray rug that I found at Home Goods on sale.  Nothing says “come on in!” more than a welcome mat!

In front of the window I places a cute little chest to house our telephone books, maps and spare house keys.  Fresh flowers (I will replace those with a live plant soon), added a wonderful pop of color and a perfect welcoming touch.

I have two more pictures I would like to add to my gallery, but I am undecided whether to extend it any higher.  I welcome your opinions.

18 thoughts on “Creating an Entry-Way

  1. Jen, when I first saw that space I thought…”whoa”….that's going to be a hard space to decorate. WOW….you did a fabulous job. I love it! You made it inviting and very warm but yet kept it minimal. Excellent!!


  2. It looks amazing! I love decorating entry ways! 🙂 I'm still working on ours to get it absolutely perfect. Anyway, I think you totally should extend your gallery higher! You could even go above the door & make it all nook-like. 🙂


  3. I am very impressed. What you've done is just fabulous and I like that you covered that frosted window with the chest. It looks amazing. You could go higher, if you want, though it certainly looks wonderful as is. You could go around above the door and window, too, as Mrs. Robinson suggests.

    Now I'm envying you your entry way. We have no such animal here. We fall directly in. ;D


  4. Jen, you should link up to Melissa's party for small space solutions at The Inspired Room. This truly was inspired and I think it could help a lot of gals who have a small entryway.


  5. Thank you for opening your front door so I could have a peek. I've been looking for ideas of what to put right inside my door. I love your big initial and photo collection. You've given me another idea to consider.


  6. Love this entryway! I found your link on pinterest. Do you know what color you used for the walls, it looks fabulous with the black and white!!


  7. I love this entryway!!! I found your blog on pinterest by the way. Do you remember what color you used on the wall? The wall color looks beautiful with the black and white pictures!!


  8. love this! What color and brand did you paint the walls? I absolutely love the color and my husband and I are in the process of renovating our home, I'd love to use this same color. Thanks!!!


  9. Melissa, I honestly don't know this color as it was here when we purchased the house. It was a great color though. I wish I could help you more!


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