Pancakes {Jones Style}

One advantage of gaining menu inspiration from “National pancake Day” is that it makes for a super easy, but filling supper after a late day of sports practice.
I made basic buttermilk pancakes (refer to yesterday’s post if you need recipes), then added chocolate chips to the batter.  Topped with lite cherry pie filling and whipped cream, supper was more like dessert, which made all of my hungry bunch more than happy!
And, as you can imagine, there were no complaints from Momma.

One thought on “Pancakes {Jones Style}

  1. I made the cottage cheese lemon ones that didn't fly quite as well, though they were all eaten. I didn't eat any myself so I have no idea if the complaint…concern…was legit. He later told me that cottage cheese made the pancake “too” wet.

    Now that pie filling pancake just looks great. I'm pretty sure that I could do that with blueberry pie filling, too, or any pie filling, right?


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