Arranging the Living Room

While unpacking boxes in our new home, Audley and I quickly discovered that we were short on bookshelves.  When we were out shopping for other necessities, we found two really nice bookcases on sale at Target that would fit our needs perfectly.
Since these were going in our living room, I wanted them to have a little personality while also serving a useful purpose. I really like the look of color and pattern in bookshelves that I have seen around the internet, so that is where I drew my inspiration.
Jeffers Design Group
Apartment Therapy

Paint, fabric, temporary or permanent were all considerations I had to take in choosing which direction to take my inspiration.  In the end, I decided to go with a temporary color fix by using fabric that could be changed as needed, or removed all together when the mood strikes.


First, Audley took the back off of each bookcase.
Secondly, Audley and I stretched the fabric over the back of the shelves, pulling it as tight as possible.  We then replaced the back, and as Audley replaced the screws, I pulled the fabric tight until it was smoothly in place.
Once the fabric was secured and the shelf reassembled, I trimmed the excess from the back of the shelf.
I love the pop of color and texture on the back of my shelves!
This is the wall space with both shelves finished.  I am still not sure if I like the desk in the middle.  I feel like the space is missing something, which I will work on in the next couple of weeks, but I really do like the fabric in the shelves.
I am contemplating using a low bench in-between the shelves with one large print hanging above.  What do you think?
Gray paint will cover the walls in the next week, and my new furniture will arrive as well.  I hope one day to share a picture of the completed space with you.

5 thoughts on “Arranging the Living Room

  1. The bookcases look wonderful! Great touch adding the color to them! I think it looks very nice the way it is but I think a bench between the bookcases would look great!



  2. That is a cool way to apply a background easily and well. Love it! I really like the set-up just as it is, though I'm sure that anything you do will look great.


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