Madeline in the Kitchen

Last night MacKenzie and I attended a spring entertaining demo in Atlanta presented by Eddie Ross.  Audley, Madeline and Bradley remained at home; working in the yard and hanging out.  I started supper before we left, putting on a crockpot of Navy beans and laying out the remainder of ingredients to make cornbread.
I was so surprised and proud to receive two text messages from Madeline containing pictures of the dinner she finished preparing.


Her cornbread was just beautiful and she even had to improvise as my buttermilk was bad.  She is such a smart one!
The salt pork is a favorite of Audley’s, so I was glad to miss dinner, but the fact my 13 year old took over the kitchen made me one proud mamma!
I’ll share some of the fun from the entertaining demo later this week!


One thought on “Madeline in the Kitchen

  1. It is so important to learn to cook…everyone should, including the guys. Madeline did great! I'd love to have a piece of that cornbread!


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