Building Raised Beds

Have I mentioned lately how awesome that man-of-mine is?  I know people get tired of me singing his praises, but honestly, I don’t feel the least bit bad for it.  I married an amazing man who is so supportive of me and the many crazy things I find to do.  Most recently, besides digging up and hauling nearly $1500 worth of landscaping five hours from Alabama to South Carolina, he has spent countless hours in the yard with me making everything look so pretty!
We have been working on raised beds for herb and veggie gardens over the last couple of weeks.  When you are limited on space and following homeowners association guidelines, raised bed gardening is a great solution when you want your summer vegetable fix.  It’s also a wonderful solution when you suffer from poor dirt conditions.
Audley and Bradley have built two of my boxes already, leaving space for at least one more we hope to complete this weekend.
Each box will cost about $33 to build, but some of your lumber can be used in building two.
I love to watch my two men work together.
After the boxes were assembled we filled them with dirt; a mixture of top-soil, miracle grow garden mix, mushroom compost and manure.  This was an initial investment that we should only have to fertilize for the next couple of years as I use these garden beds.
After we layered all of the filler for the raised beds, Audley took the tiller and used it to mix it well.
So far I have planted a few herbs, jalapeños, cayenne peppers, roma, rutgers, and brandywine tomatoes.  Outside the garden boxes I have planted 12 pickling cucumber vines & green onion. I still have more veggies to get out, but I am so excited about my start!  I know that I have the ingredients for dill pickles and salsa growing which are two treats my family just can’t seem to get enough of throughout the year!
For our raised beds, we followed the same plans that we used living in Alabama as we were quite pleased with the boxes.  I found these plans in BH&G several years ago and have hung onto them for reference.
Click on the picture for a larger view and then zoom in.
I love the inspiration for using the boxes and making the most out of them.  Such great ideas for a kitchen full of fresh produce this summer!
Hopefully next week I will have a finished garden space to share!  To say that I am excited is quite an understatement!
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3 thoughts on “Building Raised Beds

  1. I had hoped that my darling would be well on his way to doing my boxes, but it seems that he's been sidetracked by his own projects. It may not happen this year. *sob* This is a great resource for information. I will be back to take a closer look. Well done, Audley!


  2. Hubby and I have been taking about raised gardening as our garden spot hasn't produced much the last few years. What the deer don't eat, that is. It doesn't look much like we'll get to it this year, but I'm really glad to get the info! Thanks for sharing!


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