Insanity & a Winner

“Mothers are all slightly insane.” 
~J.D. Salinger, The Catcher in the Rye
It’s a full-time, over-worked Momma kind of week (and it’s only Tuesday);  volleyball practices, monitoring students during standardized tests at school, doctor’s appointments, passport issues, dishwasher broken, catching up on laundry, mow the grass, and jammin’ kind of week.
I live for this type of insanity!
I must admit jammin’ has been an enjoyable break from the stress of moving through life at warp speed.  It makes me long for a slower pace of life (just with modern conveniences).  The last two days I have made strawberry jam laced with vanilla (subtle, but so delicious!), and Vidalia (from Vidalia, Georgia) onion jam.  While I have been a sticky mess, the kids are thrilled to have the sweet and tart goodness of fresh strawberry jam on out table again.  I made biscuits for supper last night just so they had a reason to taste some of this springtime goodness.
But there are more important matters at hand than strawberry jam today….. the winner of my Lodge Cast Iron give-away …….
 I have notified her and hope to hear back soon.  Check out her recipes.  Everything looks fabulous!
I’ll post my strawberry jam recipe later this week.  I love making my own and look forward to berry season every year.  What you like to preserve?

4 thoughts on “Insanity & a Winner

  1. Oh that looks yummy. I can almost smell it from here. Vidalia Onion jam? Hmmm…can't imagine that one so well. Congrats to your winner…blessed gal she is! Are your children broken? There're your dishwashers! =D


  2. Homemade jam is the best! Is the onion jam something to use in savoury dishes, like sandwiches?

    I make a lot of jam in the summer – cherry, blackberry/peach with wild blackberries, raspberry, balsamic pepper jelly, black forest cherry sauce, salsa, and pickles. I love having full shelves in my basement pantry.


  3. I am so thrilled that I won! This is the first time I have won anything from a blog. Yay! Thank you for such a fun giveaway and your incredibly kind words.

    Our strawberries are not ready yet up here in Wisconsin, but I can't wait to make jam. I have always wanted to make onion jam because I really love onions. Do you mind if I ask what you do with it?


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