Strawberry Hill, USA

If there is one “philosophy” that I practice as much as I talk about, I would have to say it’s buying local and fresh produce.  Sometimes it is difficult, but as spring progress and summer sets in, there is really no excuse for not supporting local growers as they are more than happy to share their products!


With all of the negative media about food I can buy in my local grocery store that contain things like “pink slime”, unnecessary hormones, and even arsenic,  I have become passionate in the last several years of growing much of our food and purchasing from local and reliable sources.  I can’t coupon like some do to save money on my groceries, but I have decided that the health of my family is more important.

Over the weekend Audley and I ventured out to a nearby farm for strawberries.  While my little pots on the patio are producing enough for a light snack, I have seriously craved the sweet flavor of fresh strawberries to garnish a salad, flavor my Visalus shakes, make a scrumptious jam or a fresh strawberry pie.


Strawberry Hill USA is a local multi-generation farm owned by the Cooley family located in Chesnee, SC, just twenty minutes from our house.  Here we found fresh strawberries and blueberries in season, and discovered all of the other wonderful fruit they grow as well; May & July peaches, summer blackberries and assorted fresh veggies, apples in the fall, and pumpkins for Halloween.  It’s a haven of fresh goodness that I plan to visit regularly in the coming months.  Nothing is hidden; you can see all of their fields as you drive into the area.  You can tour the farm, ask questions about operations, and take home USA grown produce.

They are proud of their farm and legacy; they definitely should be!

Beautiful Peach Orchards


Strawberry Fields

Not only can you tour their farm, they have a great little cafe that features their local grown produce and shed where you can purchase so many wonderful fresh foods.

The produce was beautiful and I loved watching workers pick the food and bring it from the field to the shed for purchase.


And the shed?  Oh my, it was filled with such colorful and absolutely fabulous spring fruit!

Let me tell you, Spring fruit has never looked so good!



If the appearance of the luscious fruit was not enough to tempt you into buying it, tasting it would have had you sold!

Strawberry Hill also carries their own ciders, jams, and honey!  This is a farm that truly uses all of its resources!

It seems canning season has arrived as my week has been spent making jam and putting up berries.  For Foodie Friday this week I’ll share one of our favorite strawberry jam recipes.  I can just sit and eat it straight from the jar.

And, since I had several questions about Vidalia onion jam, I plan to share the recipe on Monday.  I can’t wait to share all of the wonderful ways you can use this unique jam!


2 thoughts on “Strawberry Hill, USA

  1. Such a colorful post, too! I enjoyed this little tour; we have a local market just two miles away, and I purchase there all season long. From the photos, it looks like your season is actually about 3 weeks ahead of ours. Beautiful fields!


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