Health & Such

My Audley has been having some pretty serious health issues the last couple of weeks and is scheduled for a heart cath on Tuesday.  To be completely honest, as a mom of four who is turning forty this week, I am quite scared.  You never realize how fragile life is until it’s threatened.  I have placed it all in God’s hands.
And, I’ll just have to be his superhero for awhile.

4 thoughts on “Health & Such

  1. Keeping you guys and this matter in my prayers. I'm praying that the doctor will know just how to get Audley straightened right around and feeling A-OK again. You're right, Jen, worrying can't help so leave it with the Lord. He's on the job.


  2. Seeing this post today and adding my prayers for your husband's improved health. Mother's Day was spent at the hospital with my husband where he had emergency surgery so I understand worrying about the fragility of life and how important our health is while we are here on earth.


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