Rainy Days & Mondays …

This week has started off with a bang!  My girls and I seemed to be suffering with a torturous case of food poisoning.  For the last twenty-four hours we have spent time in bed and the bathrooms while my sweet hubby has worked overtime to take care of us.   Hopefully it’s on it’s way out and I can accompany him to the hospital tomorrow for his heart cath.
Since I was physically unable to cook my pork tenderloin I had planned for today and serve it up with this scrumptious Vidalia onion jam, I felt the need to brag.
We had a very busy weekend that started off with a work day at a local homeless shelter and a baby shower on Saturday. While rushing home between the two events and trying to finish up a few decorations for the shower, I realized that I didn’t have time to cook lunch and finish a banner I was working on.
MacKenzie (my fourteen year old) decided to save the day and offered to cook the chicken that I had thawed out in the refrigerator for our lunch.  She went onto the blog, found one of her favorite recipes and got busy.  First she fired up the grill to cook the chicken, put on Jasmine rice and then went to make the Honey Chile sauce for the chicken.  She had a grew plan, only becoming overwhelmed when she realized it was time to put the rice and chicken at the same time.  Her daddy stepped in and gave her a hand with that.
She just had to take a picture….. apparently she has picked up many of my habits.
Lunch was delicious and I was able to get my banner finished before leaving for the shower.
MacKenzie, Mommy-to-be; Megan, and Madeline
I love raising motivated kids!  Cooking lunch for five is no easy feat and MacKenzie did a fabulous job!

If you want to check out the Honey-Chile Chicken recipe she used and try it, click here.I’ll be scarce this week with everything going on with Audley, but hopefully we’ll have good news and things will return to normal soon!

2 thoughts on “Rainy Days & Mondays …

  1. Praying that you'll be able to ride shotgun for Audley.

    Food poisoning? Ugh. Do you know how you got that?

    MacKenzie really stepped up for you! She's a very good girl and her dish looks beautiful.


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