Summer Days ~ Red, White & Blue

After an extended spring that was much enjoyed, summer arrived last week with a vengeance!  We usually have hot temperatures in the south during summer months, but when the forecasted highs are 106, 104, 108 for the next three days, I feel like we have suddenly moved to the desert!  When it’s this hot, I usually hide out in the house and have no desire to do anything, but, days are busy so it’s time to hydrate with lots of water and get out!
Despite the heat, summertime still brings out the BBQ and picnic bug in all of us.  And with Independence Day just days away, I couldn’t help but celebrate the season in the dessert I was asked to bring to a recent get-together by going all red, white and blue.
Inspired from I Am Baker, I decided to create my own patriotic confection.


For her detailed instructions (video) click here.

I just used “I AM Baker’s” picture and went my own direction with the recipe and icing because I am a rebel that way.*****

For the cake, I used 1 1/2 recipes of my favorite White Velvet cake.  I love this recipe because it is so easy to alter buy changing the flavor or color to my desire.Each layer of the cake is also red, white and blue.
In an 8-inch cake pan, I used 2 1/4 cups of colored cake batter and baked at 350.*****
I used a basic buttercream recipe for my icing.
2 sticks of butter, room temperature
1 stick Crisco
2 1/2 tablespoons clear vanilla extract
8 cups powdered sugar, sifted
1/4 cup water
Cream together the butter & Crisco.  Mix in the vanilla.  Gradually add in the sugar a cup at a time mixing on a medium speed.  If the mixture gets too thick, add a tablespoon or two of the water.  You should have a spreadable icing that can also stand when piped.
{I’m not the best in the world at explaining this, so checking out the video link above will definitely offer more help!}

When coloring the icing (and cake) I used Wilton Gel Christmas red and royal blue.  To color the white I used AmeriColor Bright white.  It’s important to color you icing white when it calls for it or you will discover what looked white in the bowl is actually cream colored.

I used a Kaiser 11mm tip (38-1) to make my rosettes.

I had to work fast while icing the cake as my kitchen was quite warm from the oven.  At one point the kids cleaned out a space in the freezer and I popped the half-iced cake right in to chill a few minutes.  While buttercream tastes delicious, it can be hard to get along with if conditions are less than favorable.

Despite the heat challenges, I was tickled with how cute the finished cake looked.  And based on how many ate cake at the cook-out (and carried seconds home), I must have tasted pretty good as well!

{I was very well behaved & didn’t eat any!}

I also managed to book a wedding cake while at the cook-out so it screams success for me!

I’m linking up with Foodie Friday this week.

Stop back by next week for more Independence Day inspiration and a little more on our mission trip to Jamaica!

2 thoughts on “Summer Days ~ Red, White & Blue

  1. What an exquisitely beautiful cake! You had none? What a good girl you are. Thanks for the recipe, but I am quite sure that I could never duplicate your results. Try to stay cool…those temps are just too hot!


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