Time For Breakfast!

I have always been a get up and go person in the mornings, but breakfast is quickly becoming a very important meal in our house.  One thing I have learned over the last four months is the breakfast really does affect how you function throughout the day.  From energy levels to brain function, when I have breakfast I find that I am not starving to death by lunch, I can think better in the mornings instead of living in a fog, and I am eating much more realistic portions for other meals throughout the day,
Breakfast isn’t alway easy.  Most of us sleep as late as we possibly cant before rushing out of the house to our appointments.
{I am so GUILTY!!}
I know, breakfast is so “Leave It to Beaver” or “Father Knows Best”, but I also know the obesity rate was much lower,  family’s were much closer, and children had energy to make it through the day during the time breakfast was definitely played up as an important part of American lives. 
Could there possibly be a relationship? 
Taking 15 extra minutes each morning for a bowl of oatmeal (McCann’s Irish Oats are my favorite) with a handful of fresh berries, or actually cooking a healthy breakfast is well worth getting up a little earlier.  Stay away from processed cereals.  They have a lot of sugar in them and truly offer little nutritional value despite what ads on the television suggest.  Right now my three kiddos are into whole wheat toast topped with homemade strawberry jam or apple butter ( and next week will have blackberry & peach to choose from, as well). Served with homemade turkey (breast) sausage they have a fairly balanced meal.  It’s not a huge meal by any means, but it gives us a little time together before the day begins.
My favorite breakfast is a fresh omelet.  Loaded with protein, egg omelets are a perfect and easy way to enjoy a filling breakfast in the morning.  With all the options for filling your omelet, the possibilities are endless for flavor!
So, in three easy steps, here is my favorite breakfast omelet.
1. Whisk spinach, tomato, onion, mushrooms together with 3 egg whites and 1 whole egg. Season with Mrs. Dash garlic and herb seasoning.
2. In a small non-stick skillet sprayed with Pam, cook the egg mixture until the bottom is set. Carefully flip the eggs like a pancake.
3. When completely set, fold in half and serve with salsa, hot sauce or just a little freshly ground black pepper. Filling and delicious!
Since it is garden season, I love the flavor of fresh tomato and onion I have grown, but add in the flavor of fresh jalapeño and you have a wonderful flavor sensation!



I’m linking up with Foodie Friday this week!  Scramble on over and see what else is cooking.
So tell me, do you have breakfast in the mornings?  What is your favorite dish to serve?


One thought on “Time For Breakfast!

  1. We love breakfast here. John has his usual…oatmeal, coffee, and fruit. I have my usual peanut butter wheat toast. What? That's not breakfast? ☺ Your omelet sounds terrific.


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