We’ve had five teenagers in the house & now I’m fixing to have no kids for an entire week!
I’m not sure how to process this….
My two teenage nephews spent last week with us, bringing the grand total of teenagers in our house to five!  It was an extremely busy week with a trip to the indoor gun range, a day trip to the beach, swimming in the lake and of course July 4th festivities.
Just to give you an idea of how preparing meals went, we went through five dozen eggs this week, three loaves of bread, two jars of peanut butter, five family sized bags of chips/snacks and that was just breakfast and lunch for a few days!
But, I have a week to recuperate as the boys went home last night, and my kids are gone to Bible camp for the next seven days.
Audley has to be in Tampa this week for work, so guess who gets to spend all her time at the beach and antiquing?

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