Becky-Jack’s Food Shack

Off the beaten path where the Mermaids swim in Weeki Wachee, you will find a quaint little restaurant that will capture your heart as well as your stomach.
With specials of the day written on a brown paper bag, mismatched placemats, old Trivial Pursuit cards for conversation at the table and condiments stored in an old cardboard beer box, most people wouldn’t give BeckyJack’s Food Shack a second glance.
{It is totally their loss.}
Audley and I heard about BeckyJack’s through word of mouth.  To me that is one of the best opinions you can get about a place.
We walked through the door into a restaurant that could’t seat more than twenty at any given time and were greeted by the owner who obviously knew we were not locals (who frequent this little place).  He began to explain all of the specials and cooking methods, and even showed us the local favorite “YOU CATCH IT, WE COOK IT”!
 With it’s casual & eclectic decor, I knew this was going to be my kind of place.
We had two other waitresses who shared their favorite dishes, filled our drink orders (and never let them empty), and answered every question we had.
All dishes and their tasty sauces from “shack” sauce to tarter sauce are made on site daily.  They also serve a fabulous 5-bean salad as one of their sides that I noticed several other patrons enjoying.  The menu itself is quite simple, consisting of burgers, seafood, and wings.  The freshly caught, battered, and flash fried white fish is what they are known for.  The fish is breaded in corn flakes, almonds and then flash fried.
With all of our options laid out before us, Audley and I placed our orders.  Now I know we have adopted a serious lifestyle change, but it was well tossing aside for this one meal.
Audley ordered fantastic fish tacos with tarter sauce, fresh, crispy lettuce, pico de gallo and jalapeños.
Served on colorful FiestaWare, the tacos were almost too pretty to eat.
I stepped totally out of the box and ordered a crispy fish ruben sandwich.
Served on grilled multi-grain bread spread with “shack” sauce on one side and tarter sauce on the other, then topped with a tangy coleslaw, this was quite possibly the best fish sandwich I have ever put in my mouth!
It was “oh, so crispy” and perfectly cooked.
Served with a side of the delicious 5-bean salad, lunch was almost more than I could eat!
And despite the fact I couldn’t have possibly consumed one more bite, Audley ordered a double chocolate cheesecake to finish up our meal.
With impeccable service and fabulous flavors, this little unassuming spot has earned my respect more than many five-star restaurants I have dined in.  I wouldn’t change a thing about our time spent here.

Audley’s company will be working just outside of Tampa for the next six months, so I know we will be back down visiting.  When we do, I can assure you that we will visit BeckyJack’s again and if you ever make your way on down, be sure to stop in!

Sharing for Foodie Friday this week because we all need a good place to eat!

5 thoughts on “Becky-Jack’s Food Shack

  1. They should print off your post and hang it on the wall! Those photos are great. Well, don't visit too often or you know where'll you find those lost pounds. It was probably more than worth the falling off the wagon. In fact, I think the weight loss experts want folks to fall off the wagon every now and then. It tricks the body somehow, right?


  2. Visiting from Foodie Friday,enjoyed every word and my mouth watered while looking at the photo's,I have been to Weeki Wachee a few years back,loved it,but missed this great good eats,will need to return soon.


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