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image via Jamaica Olympics/Facebook
Watching team Jamaica arrive in London’s Olympic stadium last Friday and then make a huge impact on the track brought back so many memories of our recent trip.  Between our multiple trips to the island over the last few years and our many precious friends in Santa Cruz, Jamaica, I couldn’t  help but cheer for the Jamaican team as they entered the stadium led by their own national hero, Usain Bolt.
MacKenzie doing her impression of Bolt
 I had shared a bit of our mission work from our June trip,  but we also take time to enjoy the island.
While we do see a lot of the “ugly” on the island that most tourists will never see, we also see some of God’s amazing creation.  From the most beautiful ocean you will ever lay eyes on to the gorgeous resorts there is enough color and floral beauty to make anyone fall in love with this tropical destination!
Dusk on the Caribbean
View from the White Witch golf course in Montego Bay
Walkway into Rose Hall, Home of Jamaica’s own “White Witch”
Gorgeous Bird of Paradise

But, while the resorts of Jamaica are beautiful, I have discovered that the yards belonging to our dear friends in Santa Cruz have the most beauty with their mixture of sustainability and natural floral growth.

Passion Fruit vines with it luscious fruit ripe to eat an cherries ready to eat right from the tree.
Wouldn’t you just love to walk out your front door and pick bananas from your own from yard?
Pomegranates growing. Oh, how I wished they were ripe!
Coconuts that will be carried to the market
Gorgeous greenery in one of the yards.
I would LOVE to have this beauty growing in my own yard!

And if the flowers and fruit growing weren’t breathtaking enough, the view from the front porch of the hotel we stayed in was absolutely stunning!

With just this glimpse it’s easy to see how my family has fallen in love with Jamaica.  We are already planning our trips for next year which is quite exciting!

4 thoughts on “Travel Jamaica

  1. my sister did mission work in Jamaica and I loved hearing her stories about it. Yes, the floral and fauna on these islands are so beautiful but outside the resorts the quality of life can be quite disturbing. I witnessed some of it years ago when we went to St. Lucia. Hope you are having a fabulous week Jennifer.


  2. Jamaica looks great. I have blogged about Bermuda which is also wonderful even though it is not the Caribbean exactly!

    I am enjoying following your blog. Have a great week.

    PS it would be neat if you followed me back.


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