Myrtle Beach’s Chestnut Hill Restaurant

Over the weekend Audley and I were chauffeurs unofficial chaperones for some of the youth group as they attended a conference in Myrtle Beach.  We could not have asked for a more picture perfect weekend as the company, weather, conference, and even the food was absolutely perfect!
Some of our group
My family on the beach

Audley and I slipped away for a date on Saturday evening while the kids were at a pizza party.  Earlier while he had been out and about he had discovered a sweet little restaurant that is well-known by the locals for having the best fresh seafood in the area.


Built into a lake, Chestnut Hill is about a mile off of the Atlantic Ocean and is locally owned and operated by a family whose history of Myrtle Beach restaurants spans 60+ years!  This isn’t one of those fly by night seafood buffets advertised with banners tied to the back of airplanes that fly over the beach.  This is fresh seafood in a beautiful setting that is quite enjoyable.

***I will apologize for the pictures in advance as they are from my phone.

The foyer as you walk inside Chestnut Hill


The decor inside the restaurant reminded me of Old Southern charm.  A mix of antiques (like a primitive buffet where tea & water was served from) with elegantly set tables, all with a view of the water and it’s natural habitat of turtles, alligators and snakes.
One of the tables with a waterfront view.
In the dining room


We were seated quickly (because we went to supper early), and immediately poured ice cold water with lemon.  Our waitress was super friendly, very knowledgeable of the menu and evening specials, and attentive to the needs of her customers.  She also brought us a basket filled with fresh French bread with Parmesan cheese, yummy cheddar biscuits and corn muffins which my husband declared perfect.
The view over the lake was so peaceful.  As the sun was setting there was a glow over the water and the wildlife was settling down for the night.  Watching the turtles was quite interesting as was watching a sea snake swim around and pop his head up every few minutes to look around like a periscope.
Being on the Atlantic coast, seafood is obviously the speciality of the house, but steaks, chicken and pasta are prepared as well for those who are not a fan of seafood.  When discussing the menu with our waitress, she lead us know that the chef would work with dietary restrictions/ allergies also.
I really dig a place that puts a customer’s needs first.
And since I have special dietary needs, I was very happy to know it wouldn’t be a burden at accommodate those.

Audley ordered Oyster’s Rockerfeller for his starter.  It looked really good and he seemed very happy with it.

I really wanted to try it, but Bearnaise sauce is not really the healthiest of choices, even though it was so difficult to pass up!


We had salads as part of our dinner that were topped with a delicious house (honey-lime) dressing.  It wasn’t thick like a ranch dressing or as thin as a vinaigrette, but a perfect cross between the two.
For Audley’s entree he ordered broiled scallops and I choose a seafood platter with broiled flounder, scallops and shrimp.

Audley’s Scallops
 Because broiling usually involves a lot of butter I asked for little to no butter and was very happy that my food wasn’t swimming in fat when it arrived.  Everything was cooked perfectly!  The chef even sent word that my vegetables were sautéed in olive oil instead of butter.
I was one satisfied customer.


My own seafood platter of scallops, shrimp and flounder… not floating in butter, just as I ordered it.

We chose to skip dessert (I couldn’t even finish my supper!), but from what I could see around us, there were some fine options to choose; from southern pecan pie to chocolate mousse.

Very, Very tempting indeed.


Before we left we enjoyed the view from outside that everyone enjoy’s while dining.  It was so peaceful and pretty.
Don’t you just love moss hanging from the trees?  So southern!

Audley and I really enjoyed our dinner out and I know when we return to Myrtle Beach next summer that Chestnut Hill will definitely be on our agenda.


3 thoughts on “Myrtle Beach’s Chestnut Hill Restaurant

  1. Jen, come out from behind that son of yours and start showing off! You look terrific!! That restaurant looks wonderful and the meals look and sound heavenly, especially if one loves seafood. Very charming place.


  2. No fair! I am so hungry right now and your fabulous photos aren't helping any! 🙂 A friend of mine recently bought a condo at North Myrtle Beach and had us girls down for a fun weekend. There are some hidden eating establishment treasures at MB like the one you went too if you know how to find them. We went to one too….it was just a hole in the wall and very noisy….full of the locals. But the food was amazing and inexpensive. I love love love that photo of the kids jumping in the air. 🙂


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