Girls Night In

Nothing is more fun for a teenage girl than a sleepover.  It’s a rite of passage (one that happens here at least twice a month) that every girl has her girlfriends over for a night of giggles, manis/pedis, chick flicks, and of course food.


As a parent, insanity bravery is required for these nights, especially when you agree to six extra teen girls sleeping over.
{You must also be able to tolerate the harsh smells of nail polish & remover}


As my girls planned this night of movies and games, we talked food.  Naturally everything was unhealthy, but hey, its not all the time (and I wasn’t going to be eating it) so I let them have fun!Easy Girl’s Night In Menu:

Cupcakes …. White Velvet make the best all-purpose cupcake
Sugar & Chocolate Chip cookies
Caramel Apples …. I cheated and used caramel wraps, then drizzled melted chocolates over them

Assorted Chips ….grab bags are the most practical for pleasing a group
Sodas … Purchase 2-liters to keep from finding cans half-empty left all over the house & to keep from having a lot left over.

Going this route allowed for a meal, as well as things that could be munched on throughout the evening.  Mixed in with our autumn decorations it made for a festive menu as well.

This is the kind of evening that there is no point in stressing over.  It’s all about good clean fun and laughs which is what life should be about for teenagers!

And what made it so extra sweet was having a little brother get up and cook breakfast for all of them.

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