Easy DIY: Spider Wreath

Living in the country for the last four years we didn’t have but maybe three trick or treaters the entire time we were there.  Now that we are living in a large subdivision, I am expecting a flock of cute little costumed guys & gals at our front door this year.  I am VERY excited and it shows as I have done a little extra decorating this year.

In an attempt to add a little Halloween fluff to my autumnal decor on the front porch, I threw together this super easy wreath using things I had around the house from previous holidays.

I saw a “spooky” spider wreath in a magazine several years ago, tried to recreate it once only to have the weather make a mess of it all, so I thought I would give it a whirl again this year.


Using a grapevine wreath left over from July 4th, I added fake miniature pumpkins, spiders, ribbon (saved from a plant we received a while back) and a .99 bag of spider web to fix up this little guy.
I attached the pumpkins and spiders using hot glue, then cut off a bit of the fake spider webbing to stretch across the wreath to complete the effect.
That’s it, easy peasy; a simple wreath that perfectly fits the Halloween season.

And the best part of all, is there is no wrong way to make this wreath, which makes me happy!


If the sun returns to the south before I leave for the Blogger’s Conference this weekend, I’ll give you a little autumnal tour of our home.  It’s been a lovely autumn so far this year!


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